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Download and Print The Construction Process Building your new home is an exciting and sometimes stressful experience. Jagoe Homes wants to make this process pleasant, efficient, and stress-free for you. We want you to know how our process begins and ends and all the steps leading up to settling into your new Jagoe Home.

The Northfield School Board on Monday approved nearly two dozen contracts for a $7.38 million Sibley Elementary School.

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The Mobile Home Pro Factory will need to order your home’s construction materials. A good mobile home manufacturer will ensure that they’re providing your home with quality materials. The mobile home construction process begins: building the steel frame. Now that the factory has the materials on hand, they’ll begin building the steel frame.

Of the 53 homes in active construction, 13 are mobile home replacements. and one case is awaiting initial project type and undergoing the damage assessment process. West Virginia Voluntary.

Loan To Add Onto House If you need a loan for a home addition, first contact contractors to find out how much. Additions add value to your property, so they're a good investment.. is collateral for the loan, so if you don't pay, the lender can foreclose on your house.

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Modular Home Construction Process. Pratt Homes / About Us / Construction. What is a modular home? By now you have heard about modular homes, but you may still have questions as to what a modular home really is, or what sets them apart from a manufactured home.

It can be a common misconception to consider a modular home and a manufactures home one in the same. In actuality, there are many significant differences.

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Footings (structures where the house interfaces with the earth that supports it) are installed. If your home is going to have a well, it will be dug at this point. If the home has a full basement, the hole is dug, the footings are formed and poured, and the foundation walls are formed and poured.