Best Gun Ranges In Houston

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Headquartered in Houston, Texas, with our tactical shooting courses outside Houston at Cleveland, Texas, Advanced Weapons and Training Tactics (AWATT) certified firearms instructors provide weapons training, firearms training, marksmanship courses and license to carry (concealed handgun) certification for first-time firearms owners or.

Or a family heading out to the shooting range to keep up on their shooting. to report these DGUs (Defensive Gun Usages).

PASADENA gun center. family owned houston texas loans and Operated. We are one of the Houston area’s oldest operating full service Gun Centers. We offer full service retail Gun Store and Shooting range. Our services include texas concealed handgun instruction and basic firearms instruction.

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 · The Best OWB Holsters #1 Bravo Concealment OWB BCA Kydex. Level 1 Retention With Positive-Hold Trigger Guard Molding. I got one of their owb bca (bravo concealment adaptive) holsters for a Glock 17, since that is a popular gun to carry OWB.

Still the best shop around for all your firearms needs. S/S has the most knowledgeable and helpful staff and a huge selection. They give the best advice and suggestions, and after talking with any of their staff you will walk away confident you made the correct choice.

In addition to our concealed handgun license classes we also offer a variety of security, defense, tactical and shooting classes in Houston. Come visit today!

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The best shooting range in Houston, especially because it’s outdoor. Celeste is very helpful and super nice. She answered all questions and even gave us some great shooting tips. You guys have a customer for life.